Our appetizers are the perfect start or accompaniment to any meal. Look for your favourites or pick a few to share with your table.

Scallops n’ Bacon

Skewered, broiled, garlic bread stick

Stuffed Snails

Mushroom caps, escargot, garlic butter and focaccia


Lemon pepper, honey garlic or hot

Cheese Styx

Crispy outside, melted inside


Fried calamari w/cucumber dill

Dry Ribs

Chicken Tenders

With orange-plum

Six Black Tiger Shrimp

Garlic butter and focaccia

L’il Ranch Hand’s Plate

Two chicken tenders, two cheese styx and sauces for dippin’


Fried golden crispy outside, hot and juicy inside with ranch for dippin’

Prairie Rose

Colossal onion, sliced to bloom, deep fried with chili cream dippin’ sauce

Saddle Bags

Potato skins, melted cheeses, sour cream, bacon bits and chives

Smothered Portobello

Mushroom sliced, shredded Pollock, baby shrimp and béarnaise sauce

Cowboy Chips

Warm tortilla chips, cheese, peppers, green onions, tomato, salsa and sour cream

Basket of Toasts

Garlic and cheese

Sweet Potato Fries

With chipotle mayo dip

Add “Ranch House” Fries to an Appetizer

French Onion

Sautéed onions in consommé broth baked with cheese

Today’s Soup

Always good

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